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MV Bluenose (73) - Photos

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The following are images of M.V. Bluenose ( ex. M/S Jutlantica )

M/S Jutlandica

Image showing Jutlantica shortly after arrival in Canada and Marine Atlantic, prior to being refitted and named 'Bluenose'.

Photo courtesy of Capt. Hubert Hall / ShipSearch


M.V. Bluenose leaving Halifax Shipyards to join the Yarmouth-Bar Harbor route after conversion and rename from 'Jutlantica'

Photo courtesy of Capt. Hubert Hall / ShipSearch


Photo of MV Bluenose officers - circa 1988 ,

Front row L-R:
1st Officer: Clayton Goodwin, 3rd Engineer: Mervin Nickerson, 4th Engineer: Terry Ryan, Jr Electrician: James Ameriault, Chief Steward: Ken Fitzgerald

Back L-R:
Chief Engineer: Hans Hausgaard, Captain: Hubert Hall, Snr Electrician: Lloyd Saulnier, Wireless Officer: David Vail, 2nd Officeer: Louis Vacon, Day Engineer: Greg Huskins, 3rd Officer: Gordon Haley, Purser: Brian Doucette, 3rd Engineer: David Anderson, 1st Officer: Steve Armstrong, Purser: Victor Thibault, 2nd Officer: Ted McGray, 2nd Engineer: Don Sweeney



Wireless Operator - David Vail, M V Bluenose

M.V. Bluenose - The Final Yarmouth Arrival

Image shows Bluenose  after the final arrival at Yarmouth October 1997, then being removed from the Yarmouth-Bar Harbor service by vessel operator.

Vessel is shown here with BAY Ferries' livery as noted on the stack with the name 'BAY', which also included the red horizontal stripe at mid-hull.


Image from the library of Yarmouth Shipping.com


Ex. Bluenose shown in this image as Hull 309, shortly after arrival at Algeciras Spain, March 1999.

It is this at port, the ship was refit, re-named M/S Atlantica under the new owners Euroferries and will sail from, on the route between Algeciras Spain and Morocco.

In this photo, to the left of the ship's bow, the rising mount of land is Gibraltar.  In the foreground can be seen an 'early ancestor' of The Cat ferry which was also operated by Euroferries and sailed a 45 minute route to Ceuta on the North African coast.

Photo from the library of Yarmouth Shipping.com


The final watchkeeping delivery crew after walking down the gangway for the last time at Algeciras Spain April, 1999.

Barely visibable on the bow is the name Hull 309

Photo from the library of Yarmouth Shipping.com

M/S Atlantica ( ex Bluenose )

Image circa 2002 of ex. Bluenose - renamed M/S Atlantica operated by Euoferrys
Visable design change visable with former lifeboats No.7 & No.8 having been replaced with inflatable liferafts.
Photo: Piet Sinke (Algeciras 8/8-2002)


Photo by: Marc Peper (Algericas)

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